01. A lot of rich people [exploit] the poor to get their money.
02. In old China, capitalists [exploited] the poor by making them work for almost nothing.
03. The [exploitation] of children in developing countries will continue as long as people are willing to buy products at a low price without caring about why they are so cheap.
04. The region has yet to be [exploited] for its newly discovered gold and silver resources.
05. Hugh Hefner's sexual [exploits] have been well-publicized in his magazine Playboy.
06. The young man was able to [exploit] the old woman's illness by getting her to pay him large sums of money to clean and maintain her home.
07. The government appears to want to [exploit] its recent success in passing this popular legislation by calling an immediate election.
08. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said that under capitalism, man [exploits] man, but under communism it's just the opposite.
09. The beaver was Canada's first natural resource to be [exploited] by the Europeans.
10. Some people suggest that pornography empowers women, while other believe that it [exploits] them.
11. The government seems to be [exploiting] the environment of fear which has arisen as a result of the terrorist attacks on New York to introduce some laws which seriously curtail civil rights.
12. The development of tools increases people's capacity to [exploit] their environment.
13. Tunisia is rich in mineral wealth, but its [exploitation] of this resource is a relatively new industry.
14. The only mineral that is [exploited] on an industrial scale in Fiji is gold.
15. The country of North Korea is almost completely [unexploited] by commercial tourism.
16. In 1998, a poll showed that that a large majority of people in Britain believed that the late Princess Diana's memory was being [exploited], with 80% saying that her image was being used in ways which demonstrated bad taste.
17. The discovery and [exploitation] of large oil reserves in Equatorial Guinea have contributed to dramatic economic growth in the country.
18. Economic activity in the area of the Arctic Ocean is limited to the [exploitation] of natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, fish, and seals.
19. Easily manipulated and [exploited], children are often forced into serving as soldiers in some countries.
20. Karl Marx believed that the masses of workers are [exploited] by a small, privileged elite, who control most of the wealth.

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